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4/11 - 12:00pm - Walker County Development Authory (Civic Center)

4/13 - 6:30pm - Commissioner Whitfield's Public Meeting at the Commissioner's Office

4/20 - 7:00pm - Planning Commission (Civic Center)

Welcome to Walker County

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The vibrant community of Walker County is perched atop the northwest corner of Georgia and gently nestled beneath historic Lookout Mountain. Rustic and rural in character, rich hillsides flush with vegetation roam for miles along its countryside.

Neighboring the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Walker County provides a comfortable temperature year round while raising the educational bar for its students to compete successfully in an ever-changing economy. Along with the quality of its natural beauty and convenient location between major cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Knoxville (only two hours from all three locations), Walker County has become a desirable destination for both families and businesses.

With two of Georgia's top 25 tourist attractions, Chickamauga Battlefield National Park, the oldest and largest military park in the United States and Rock City Gardens, an attraction located on Lookout Mountain, nearly half a million people from all over the world visit Walker County each year. With the legendary view of seven states from Lover's Leap, Lookout Mountain was home to Garnet Carter, the inventor of miniature golf and a cofounder of Rock City Gardens.

A variety of national and international manufacturers have operations in Walker County. Shaw Industries is one of the largest employers and is the world's largest carpet manufacturer. Nearly half of Walker County's work force is employed in manufacturing while many other residents commute into Chattanooga for employment.

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