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WC Commissioner proposes to amend the county code of ordinances so as to adopt a Special Events Ordinance.
Walker County Governing Authority announces its intention to increase the property taxes of the 2015 levy.
WC Commissioner has tentatively adopted a millage rate which will require an increase in property tax.
Judge gives Walker County and the Walker County Development Authority the "all clear" to proceed with an upcoming bond issue.

Hutcheson has added to its cash reserves since filing for Chapter 11 reorganization.

Audia Group annouces Job fair to be held at LaFayette Housing authority.
Possible Mud Slide | 3/10/2015
Nick-A-Jack Road being closed because of potential mud slide.
Walker Government Offices closing at noon Thursday March 5 due to inclement weather.
Walker Transit Closed | 2/27/2015
Walker Tranit will be closed Friday Feb. 27th
Walker County Government Offices will open at 10 am Friday Feb. 27th.
All Walker County Offices will be closed Thursday, Feb. 26th.
Walker Transit Closed | 2/26/2015
Walker Transit will be closed Thursday Feb. 26th.
Walker Transit will close at noon Wednesday Feb. 25th.
A Million for Audia | 2/25/2015
Walker County receives $1 million in state funding to assist Audia Plant site.
Audia construction progressing rapidly. Promo video shows progress. Click here to view.

All Walker County Government offices delayed 2 hours because of temperatures tomorrow, January 8, 2015. This does not include court

Walker County Transit Services will operate on a 2 hour delay January 8, 2015. Services will begin at 8 am on January 8, 2015.

Walker County hits post-recession unemployment low!
Walker County wins "Deal of the Year" Award with Audia Project. 
Progress Being Made | 10/13/2014
Early Voting Underway | 10/13/2014
Without fanfare, Walker County commissioner Bebe Heiskell adopts a $22.5 million budget.
Work begins on Audia International site north of LaFayette! 

Audia International expands Walker County project before groundbreaking

Walker County EMS receives trauma care award!
Project Eagle lands in new Walker County Business Park!
Farmer's Market to open at Mountain Cove Farms.
Walker County was prepared for the worst from a line of storms that wreaked havoc on the southeast Monday night, but was spared.
Unemployment Drops | 4/24/2014
Walker County's unemployent rate has fallen to a 6 year low to 5.5%!
More than 800 job openings headline career expo in Rock Spring!
Former Imperial Cup building north of LaFayette has new owner, Euclid Chemical!
The Agricultural Building at the Walker County Civic Center has been opened as a warming station for those still without power.
Local company eyes former Imperial Cup building.

Property tax rates drop slightly in Walker County for the operation of county government.

A Volkswagen and General Motors supplier plans to open a new plant in Walker County, hiring up to 50 employees, officials said Monday.
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