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Cherokee Regional Library System

Cherokee Regional Library

The Cherokee Regional Library system which is composed of the public libraries in Chickamauga, LaFayette, Rossville and Trenton and the North Georgia Talking Book Center in LaFayette have, in the last nine years, moved from old buildings warehousing books to modern facilities offering dynamic modern library services.

The libraries have been able to position themselves as vital community centers because of the commitment of the boards of trustees to the vision of the library staff which is developed through increasing demands for quality service from the general public. In the past several years, groups of concerned citizens formed "Friends of the Library" organizations to enable the library to enrich existing services and develop new ones. Continued funding from Walker County, Dade County, the cities of Chickamauga, LaFayette, Rossville and Trenton, the Boards of Education, The Jewell Foundation, the State and Federal governments and some lottery funds have enabled us to offer life-long education opportunities to all.

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