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Cloudland Station

Welcome to a Simpler Time

Cloudland Station is a 250-lot mountain and valley community located 17 minutes south of beautiful downtown Chattanooga a few minutes from Cloudland Canyon State Park. Nestled on the side of Lookout Mountain in northwest Georgia, Cloudland Station is one of the most unique communities in the U.S.

Designed primarily as a second home getaway community, Cloudland Station is a canvas of 450 gorgeous acres adorned with babbling brooks, sparkling mountain lakes, and sun splintered coves - all laced together with lush hiking trails and old mountain roads. On this natural canvas, we have painted a dreamscape of multi-generational amenities that hearken back to a simpler time...

    .        when children flew high on rope swings into spring fresh swimmin’ holes, 

    .        when dads and grandaddys taught their little ones how to skip stones, catch crawdads, and bait a fish hook,

    .        when ladies met in the comforts of an open air veranda for a late afternoon tea and much laughter, and

    .        when everyone gathered on patios at dusk while kids chased fireflies and played kick-the-can until long past the first star came out.

We believe that in this fast paced 21st century, a regular visit to a simpler time has the ability to renew us like nothing else. Most importantly, it enables us to connect with the ones we love. The result is a better quality of life and a treasure box of memories that are simply priceless.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that after you learn more about Cloudland Station, you will agree - Cloudland Station is something truly unique and, in fact, extraordinarily special. Come visit us and get renewed as you take...

“Time for the Simple Things” at Cloudland Station.

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