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Elections Board

The Official Website of the Board of Elections is

Supervisor of Elections:
Danielle Montgomery

Elections Office Staff:
Elections Assistant - Chuck Fletcher
Elections Clerk - Brittany Richardson

Walker County Board of Elections & Registration Boad Members:
Chairman - Jim Buckner
Vice Chairman - Keith Edwards
Secretary - Susan Darling
Brian Joyce
David Chambers

This office registers citizens of Walker County to vote in all elections: cities, county, state, and national elections.  They prepare for elections, format the ballots for printing, count votes from elections, primaries and run-offs held within Walker County.  They also do posting and canvassing for the state.  Candidates for public offices may pick-up a qualifing package from the Election & Registration office.  The Board of Election & Registration is responsible for reporting to the Ethics Office on candidates and elected officials' campaign expenses as well as filing any other reports required by the State or Federal Governments.


To register to vote in the state of Georgia, you must be:

    * A citizen of the United States
    * A legal resident of Georgia and of the County in which you wish to vote
    * 18 years old by election day (17 at time of registration)

You may not register to vote if you are currently:

    * Serving any sentence imposed by conviction of a felony
    * Judicially determined to be mentally incompetent

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to register by political party to vote in the state's regular primaries or general elections.  However, for primary elections you must declare a party preference when casting your vote.


Georgia citizens have access to several convenient methods of signing up to vote, including registration by mail and 'Motor Voter' registration.  One of your best options is to register at your local Walker County Board of Election Office located at 103 South Duke Street, Room 110, in the Walker County Courthouse.  Local registration is also available at the other six mandated state sites.  For more information on local registration locations please call the Election Office at 706-638-4349.

Northwestern Technical Students can obtain Georgia voter registration forms, or the necessary forms to register in any state in the U.S., from the school Registrar's Office or from the Office of Student Services.

Mail-in registration forms are available from your County Board of Election Office or municipal town hall as well as  many public libraries and other government offices.  You may also e-mail your request for a voter registration form to: sosweb@SOS.State.Ga.US

'Motor Voter' registration is offered when you renew or apply for your driver license.


If you move to a new county, you must complete a new voter registration.

If you move within the same county, you do not need to re-register, but you must notify the election office of your new address.  This can be done by using a mail-in voter registration form or you may write to: P.O. Box 1105, LaFayette, GA  30728.  If writing, please provide the following information:

    * Name
    * Date of Birth
    * Social Security Number
    * Old Address
    * New Address
    * Signature

NOTE: You must re-register or file your change of address no later than 30 days prior to any upcoming election to be eligible to vote in your new precinct.   If Monday is a holiday, deadline moves to the next day.


You may request an absentee ballot as early as 180 days before an election.  (No absentee ballots are issued on Election Day.)  Ballot request forms are available from Walker County Board of Elections and Registration, 103 Duke Street, Room 110 in the Walker County Courthouse, or you may request an absentee ballot by submitting the following information, in writing, to the Board.

Request must include:

    * Name of election, date of election (if primary, declare party preference)
    * Reason absentee ballot is being requested
    * Voter's name and address as registered
    * Voter's date of birth
    * Specify if you would like to receive a ballot for each election (a separate application for Presidential Preference Primary)
    * Mailing address where ballot should be sent
    * Voter's signature (may be signed by specified relative if voter is temporarily out of the country or if voter is physically disabled)

After completing the request, please submit to the Walker County Board of Election Office in person or by mail or fax.  The Election Office is located at 103 South Duke Street, Room 110 in the Walker County Courthouse, P.O. Box 1105, LaFayette, GA  30728.  Fax number is 706-639-3346.

In order to allow sufficient time for delivery, the Election Office will not mail out absentee ballots after 2:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to an election.

NOTE: If the absentee ballots are available, when appearing in person with your request, you must vote within the confines of the Election Office.

This information is to serve as a general guideline only.  For more details contact our office.

P.O. Box 1105
103 South Duke Street, Room 110
LaFayette, GA 30728
706-638-4349 Office
706-639-3346 Fax
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